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Key instagram update with Jonghyun:

While we were waiting for the car, we decide to hide from the manager hyung. He keeps calling us and we are not aswering the phone right now

Key instagram update with Jonghyun and Taemin:

In real time. Lee Taemin joined us. The Japanese manager is helping to find us 

Key instagram update:

The situation seems to have gotten serious, so the three of us decided that it was enough. We boarded the car quietly and pretended that nothing has happened. Our manager hyungs was finally relieved to see us, looks like he thought we went missing

tr: thaluuu

chi-eng trans: keybe0mmie

140913 sehun’s instagram update: 춥다.. (trans): it’s cold..

Really bye bye to Dracula now~ㅜA more awkward me with black hair now.ㅎ

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SHINee's Chinese Skills...

Key getting caught with his hamburger:)

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111 / ∞ stars in the galaxy.

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